About Joselyn...

Joselyn began her career as an accounting clerk within a manufacturing plant. Over the course of her 16-year career in the manufacturing industry, she held many positions with several promotions; giving her a comprehensive knowledge base of the accounting field.

She has experience and expertise in both private and public accounting. Her calming nature has exemplified her ability to be successful in the most stressful situations. This includes managing an acquisition that converted a private company to a public company.

Her achievement of attaining her post-graduate degree, Masters of Accounting, was exemplified with the distinction of Summa Cum Laude. She not only completed her degree but she’s now an Adjunct Instructor for her alma mater. This illustrates Joselyn’s commitment to not only be successful in the business world, but to pay it forward and help a fellow dream chaser on their personal journey to success.

Joselyn values integrity, loyalty and commitment. She is committed to building financial success for the companies she serves, while also creating cost cutting measures that not only improve a company’s cash flow picture, but creates opportunities for growth, thereby making a difference.

Her passion in her field has led her to open her own business so that she can help small businesses achieve their dreams as she did herself. Joselyn brings her knowledge and drive to her business that has served her well in her successful career.