Do you know if your business is making a profit?

Do you understand why your business costs are high?

Is cash flow an issue in your business?

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to keep up with your business accounting?

Accounting can be complicated and overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. The most overwhelming problem in small businesses is negative cash flow. Balance Financial helps you understand why your business has negative cash flow and provides ways to help your business maintain positive cash flows.

Balance Financial understands the trust and confidence small business owners place with their financial books. When working with Balance Financial, you can expect us to uphold the highest ethical standards in servicing your books. We help you understand your business finances while implementing processes that better the financial standing of the business.

We provide a range of services to meet any of your business financial needs. Some of the services provided range from bookkeeping to cash flow management to accounting systems implementation.

Balance Financial is proficient in the language of finance, saving, and creating cash flow. Let us teach you how to better appreciate this language. Contact us for your free, no obligation, consultation so that you can experience what being fluent in accounting sounds like.



Monthly/Quarterly Bookkeeping

Bank Reconciliations

Cash Flow Management

Accounts Receivable Collections

Monthly Statements

Yearly Statements-Review/Close

Building/Implementing Accounting System

Payroll Services