Accounting and Baseball

It's the summer and the sport of baseball is very much in full swing, success measured by wins and losses. With every team racing to get into the playoffs and ultimately win the World Series Championship. In order to attain success in baseball, the team needs to have all the pieces in place. If one piece struggles, for example the pitcher, then the entire team struggles and the wins are harder to come by. Having a business is much like a baseball team. Each function such as accounting, much like the pitcher, is an important piece to the team.

In a small business, it's crucial to have your finances in order right from the beginning. Accounting is not to be an after thought but rather an integral part of everyday business to ensure the wins needed to be successful. Accounting includes everything from setting up business bank accounts to having a financial system to review accurate reports and make sound decisions. Without this crucial team player, much like in baseball, the chances of having great success are slim.