There’s an App for that…

As we step away from a busy first quarter that included taxes, we move into the second quarter which can mean many different things to different business owners. Business might be picking up as we get to the warmer months or business may be slowing down as the summer months may be your slowest business time. Whichever situation you find yourself in as a business owner, there are ways to make this time easier and smoother going forward. Technology has provided us business owners with the gift of apps to enable us to run our businesses smoother and with greater ease. In this newsletter, I will describe different areas that apps can be applied in your business.   

Accounting Apps: This area is of most importance because these apps will enable business owners to stay on top of the accounting for their books. Financial systems usually have their own apps that can be downloaded, such as Quickbooks. Mileage and receipts are two areas that are important when opening a business. MileIQ is an app that is good for tracking mileage while Expensify is an app that is good for keeping and tracking receipts.

Payment Apps: Payment apps are increasing in popularity quickly. It enables business owners to get paid quicker and with relative ease. Payment apps include but are not limited to Paypal, Venmo and Zelle. Each app is different in its use and offers so be sure to read the fine print and how these services work.

Business Apps: Business apps are apps that assist a business owner in running the business every day. It allows owners to have their business information with them while meeting with a client, giving project specifics on site or while networking and promoting their business. These apps are Dropbox, Asana and Evernote. They each offer their own benefits and work well together.  

These apps are just the tip of the iceberg but they will enable business owners to run their business with more ease. As business owners there are so many things we need to remember, having these apps allows us to continue running our business while we wear the many hats required.